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Bryce Bezanson Racing

2017 was to be Bryce’s last year in quarter midgets, and he had a breakout season, racing in 3 classes: Heavy Animal, Heavy 160, and Heavy World Formula. In addition to the club and region circuits, he also competed in the Western Grands national race for the first time. This was his opportunity to race against some of the finest drivers in the country. It was an impressive year and we had numerous checkered flags along the way.  For 2018 Bryce will be competing in the 600 Micro Sprints at Deming Speedway and in a Legends car at South Speedway.  Bryce is an impressive young man, not just for his successes but for how he treats other competitors whether he wins or not.  

Bryce Bezanson

Back in early 2014, our family was introduced to the wonderful world of quarter midget racing. It’s a nationwide sport but we found it right here in our area (Monroe, WA), and it is for children ages 5-16. After years of trying different sports and activities for Bryce, we finally found his home. Racing is something he seems born to do and loves. It has been an incredible journey for him. He has been able to grow in his personal confidence, while learning valuable lessons on sportsmanship, handling adversity and self-discipline.